Hello, I'm Susan


Walking My Own Path

My life has certainly seen its share of changes. From building a family, becoming a widowed single mother to empty-nester; from building a career to being downsized and becoming an entrepreneur, I have developed resilience and resourcefulness. One constant in my life has been the peace and clarity I get while walking outdoors.


You're one of my favorites

 I love to help people live lives and enjoy careers that bring them joy, so I've combined 3 of my favorite things  - walking, being outdoors, and Coaching - and created the EmpowerWalks program.  What better way to walk the path to success than actually walking a path with your Coach beside you! Matching the concept of taking steps with real steps and accountability!


Change can feel scary

That's why I will be with you every step of the way (pun intended) to guide you through the challenges and keep you on track. I have the strategy, the know-how, and the resourcefulness to chart your path to success!

Available to individuals and groups in the Northern New Jersey area only.

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